Florence Duomo, Grand Tour Italy

Recreating Italy’s Grand Tour

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Grand Tour was a bit of a rite of passage for young, wealthy men from England’s upper classes. They’d start off in Paris, but Italy was usually the primary destination, particularly the key cities of Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. The Grand Tour was seen as a cultural way to [ ...More ]

5 Must-See Churches in Naples

Naples is home to almost 450 historic and monumental churches. They range from tiny chapels to some of the most important buildings in the city. In between your pizza stops and all your other sightseeing must-dos, we think you should visit some of Naples’s beautiful churches. There are plenty to pick from, but to start [ ...More ]

Italian Sights to Book in Advance

If you’re heading to Italy’s world-famous cities anytime soon, chances are you’ll have a long list of the must-see sights. Whether you’re a minute-by-minute planner or prefer to wing it, there may be a few tickets that will need pre-booking before you arrive. Discover more in our essential guide – plus a few tips on [ ...More ]

Amazing Foodie Experiences to Have in Rome

Sure, it’s got big-name sights like the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. But Rome has serious culinary chops too – and the city’s gourmet experiences are drawing in a whole new crowd of foodie visitors. Want to really get your teeth into the Eternal City? Here are some of our favourite foodie experiences to have [ ...More ]

A city of the past: Venice’s historic hotels

Venice is one of Italy’s most fascinating historic cities. There’s a story behind every building, street and even hotel – as our Direct Marketing Executive, Nikki, discovered on a recent trip…   Not long after arriving into Italy, one of the hoteliers told me that “Venice is to be lived like a city of the past”. It’s not surprising [ ...More ]