Free Things to Do in Bologna

Bologna is one of Italy’s most underrated cities, with many overlooking its charms in favour of the big three – Venice, Florence and Rome. But Emilia-Romagna’s capital is a fantastic place for a city break, with plenty to see and do (and eat – one of Bologna’s nicknames is La Grassa, meaning The Fat). On [ ...More ]

Italy’s Best Shopping Streets

Italy and shopping often tend to go hand in hand – after all, the country is home to some of the best-known names in the fashion industry. But there’s more to shopping in Italy than just clothes: locally made handicrafts, bespoke jewellery and delicious deli products will all be vying for space in your suitcase [ ...More ]

A brief guide to Italian football

Italy is world famous for its rich culture and passionate citizens. Your average Italian is bound to love at least one from the following list – peerless cuisine, fast sports cars and the latest fashions on the catwalks of Milan. During my travels around Italy there is one thing that has trumped all of these [ ...More ]

A Foodie Tour of Italy: Recreating Gino’s Italian Escape

For the next six weeks, Italian chef Gino D’Acampo will be back on our screens in Gino’s Italian Escape. He’ll be touring the country learning about local and regional dishes, as well as creating a few of his own recipes. Each episode will focus on a different destination. Handily, they’re all within easy travelling distance [ ...More ]