Italian Sights to Book in Advance

If you’re heading to Italy’s world-famous cities anytime soon, chances are you’ll have a long list of the must-see sights. Whether you’re a minute-by-minute planner or prefer to wing it, there may be a few tickets that will need pre-booking before you arrive. Discover more in our essential guide – plus a few tips on [ ...More ]

Off the Eaten Track: How to Eat Like a Local in Florence

Italians are very much a laid-back bunch – life is enjoyed in the moment and that moment tends to involve food or drink. Much like the rest of Italy, Florence has its foodie traditions, its staple dishes and its not-to-be-missed restaurants. It’s the capital of one of Italy’s biggest foodie regions, so it makes sense [ ...More ]

8 of the Best Christmas Markets in Italy

With Christmas coming up fast, Italy is preparing to undergo a festive facelift as Christmas markets pitch up across the country – some of the best in Europe, thanks to Italy’s stunning backdrops and beautiful landscapes. Italy’s Mercantino di Natale (Christmas markets) are traditionally smaller and more intimate than the famous German variety, featuring elaborate nativity [ ...More ]

Best places to spy the Florence Marathon

We are all familiar with marathons, however Florence’s definitely takes the title for the most scenic. Every corner you pass is brimming with stunning architecture. As over 10,000 people take to pounding the pavements of Florence’s 42-kilometre course, we have taken a look at some of the highlights of the track and the best places [ ...More ]

Dan Brown’s Inferno: Top Florence Movie Locations

Popcorn at the ready – the film version of Dan Brown’s Inferno is released in cinemas this month. And if the post-Angels and Demons Rome rush was anything to go by, this one’s going to inspire a wave of city breaks to Florence, where a large chunk of the book takes place. The book’s detailed [ ...More ]