5 Must-See Churches in Naples

Naples is home to almost 450 historic and monumental churches. They range from tiny chapels to some of the most important buildings in the city. In between your pizza stops and all your other sightseeing must-dos, we think you should visit some of Naples’s beautiful churches. There are plenty to pick from, but to start [ ...More ]

Free things to do in Naples

Italy’s cities are packed full of cultural treasures, Naples being no different. The great thing about them? They don’t have to cost you a fortune to explore. We have compiled a list of our favourite free things to do in Naples – saving you extra pennies for more of that famous pizza.   Explore the [ ...More ]

The Art Lover’s Italy

Italy’s love affair with art is well known, and there’s no better place for art lovers to explore. The country’s museums and galleries are vast and diverse, with collections that span history – but there’s no doubt the Renaissance was Italy’s moment. Its most famous cities are overflowing with works from grand masters, from colossal [ ...More ]

Exploring Italy’s Volcanoes

Southern Italy and Sicily are a hotbed of volcanic activity – the most active regions in Europe, in fact. With its soaring vistas, smoking craters and volcanic islands bubbling with hot springs, it’s no surprise curious visitors are keen to explore the ‘volcano trail’. Italy’s volcanoes attract spa-goers and wine connoisseurs as much as thrill seekers, [ ...More ]

A brief guide to Italian football

Italy is world famous for its rich culture and passionate citizens. Your average Italian is bound to love at least one from the following list – peerless cuisine, fast sports cars and the latest fashions on the catwalks of Milan. During my travels around Italy there is one thing that has trumped all of these [ ...More ]