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6 of Italy’s Most Colourful Places

Blue Monday is nearly upon us, so we feel it’s time to inject a little more colour into our lives. And what better way than to take a look at some of Italy’s most colourful towns and villages? From pastel-painted houses to rainbow-hued buildings, these colourful places are guaranteed to brighten your mood. They’re made [ ...More ]

Top 5 beaches on the Neapolitan Riviera

The Neapolitan Riviera is Italy’s most beautiful stretch of coast, famously home to stunning scenery, colourful towns and fishermen’s ports. The beaches have their own brand of charm; tiny coves, pebbly shores and impossibly pure waters are hidden along the coast, and half the fun is discovering them. Here are five of the best…   Arienzo Beach, [ ...More ]

Exploring Italy’s Volcanoes

Southern Italy and Sicily are a hotbed of volcanic activity – the most active regions in Europe, in fact. With its soaring vistas, smoking craters and volcanic islands bubbling with hot springs, it’s no surprise curious visitors are keen to explore the ‘volcano trail’. Italy’s volcanoes attract spa-goers and wine connoisseurs as much as thrill seekers, [ ...More ]