Grotto Palazzese Puglia cave restaurant

Top 5 Gourmet Experiences in Puglia

Puglia, the region in the southernmost part of Italy, is often said to be one of the greatest agricultural areas in Europe. A great portion of Italy’s olive oil, wine and durum wheat reserves hails from this part of the country, as well as an abundance of delicious, sun-drenched fruit and vegetables. Apulian cuisine is [ ...More ]

Top 5 Beaches in Puglia

Puglia sits way down in Italy’s southernmost tip, taking up the ‘heel’ of the country’s ‘boot’. This gives it a longer coastline than any other region, not to mention a fabulous Mediterranean climate. The beaches in provinces like Salento are some of the best in Italy – huge Caribbean swathes of pristine white sand and [ ...More ]

Italy’s Prettiest Seaside Towns

Summer’s definitely on its way, and where better to soak up the sunshine than in Italy? With so many lovely towns and villages by the coast, it’s hard to know where to choose – so we interviewed our team of Italy Experts and got their votes for the prettiest seaside town in Italy. Settle down [ ...More ]

New Year, New You: Learning a New Skill in Italy

Learning a new skill is one of those things that crops up on New Year’s resolution lists time and time again. But a lack of time and money often mean our good intentions are pushed to one side (for another year, at least). To make things easier – and a little more fun – why [ ...More ]

Road Trip: Driving Holidays in Italy

Italy is the spiritual home of automobile design and the country’s love affair with the car shows no sign of lessening. Getting behind the wheel and taking to the open road is still the best way to share the passion Italians have for their food, culture, history and way of life. Here are five destinations [ ...More ]