Let’s Learn Italian


Want to learn more than just Ciao? Our Learn Italian podcast series is an easy and fun way of learning the Italian language in preparation for any holiday to Italy. Make sure you tune in and listen to Citalia experts Clive, Romina and Stefano, as they teach you everything from survival phrases, right the way through to asking for dinner recommendations and buying tickets at the train station.

Episode 1 – Basic Italian Phrases

The first in our Learn Italian series gives you the opportunity to learn basic Italian phrases. Episode one features Content Editor Clive and Destination Specialist Romina. Romina grew up in Sardinia and loves sharing her passion for all things Italy. Clive and Romina teach us everything from greeting people to ordering a coffee. All the survival phrases you need before a visit to Italy can be learnt here.

Here are some example phrases:

Thank you very much

Grazie mille

You’re welcome


I’d like to check in, please

Mi piacerebbe fare il check in per favore

What time is breakfast?

A che ora e la prima colazione

Episode 2 – Intermediate Phrases

Now you have learnt all the survival phrases in episode one, why not move on to some more intermediate phrases? Episode two welcomes back Clive and introduces Purchasing Manager Stefano, who grew up in one of our favourite cities – Rome. Clive and Stefano cover things like finding a taxi at the airport, requesting special menus at restaurants and asking which platform your train departs from. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn intermediate phrases with Stefano, as well as finding out some of his top tips for travelling in Italy.

Here is a preview of what you can expect:

Where is the nearest taxi rank?

Dove è la posizione taxi più vicino

Two round-trip tickets please

Vorrei comprare due biglietti andata e ritorno

I would like a table near to the window

Vorrei un tavolo vicino la finestra

Is there a children’s menu?

C’e un menu per bambini

What would you recommend?

Cosa ci consiglia

If you are interested in learning some Italian for your Italy holiday, or you simply want to learn the language, give our Learn Italian podcasts a go. Click here to subscribe or download our podcast, free of charge.

Let’s learn Italian!