Florence Duomo, Grand Tour Italy

Recreating Italy’s Grand Tour

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Grand Tour was a bit of a rite of passage for young, wealthy men from England’s upper classes. They’d start off in Paris, but Italy was usually the primary destination, particularly the key cities of Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. The Grand Tour was seen as a cultural way to [ ...More ]

Italian Sights to Book in Advance

If you’re heading to Italy’s world-famous cities anytime soon, chances are you’ll have a long list of the must-see sights. Whether you’re a minute-by-minute planner or prefer to wing it, there may be a few tickets that will need pre-booking before you arrive. Discover more in our essential guide – plus a few tips on [ ...More ]

Instagram Italy: Where and How to Get the Best Photos

When it comes to getting a great Instagram picture, there’s no better place than Italy (although we might be a little biased). Whether you want to capture a golden sunset over the Tuscan hills, snap a selfie in front of Florence’s Duomo, or hike high above the Cinque Terre for that bird’s-eye shot, here’s our [ ...More ]

Romantic Day Trips From Italy’s Cities

Planned a romantic city break to Italy for Valentine’s Day? If you want to surprise your other half with something a bit different, head out of the city for a day. From a picturesque villa garden (perfect for strolling hand-in-hand) to a stunning lake devoid of its summer crowds, there are some fabulously romantic places [ ...More ]

8 of the Best Christmas Markets in Italy

With Christmas coming up fast, Italy is preparing to undergo a festive facelift as Christmas markets pitch up across the country – some of the best in Europe, thanks to Italy’s stunning backdrops and beautiful landscapes. Italy’s Mercantino di Natale (Christmas markets) are traditionally smaller and more intimate than the famous German variety, featuring elaborate nativity [ ...More ]