Best views in Verona


Whenever I go to Italy, I’m always spending time searching out spots which will give me that perfect photograph to show to my friends and family. On a recent trip to Verona, I was happy to come across a lot of different places to give me that picture-perfect view. Here are the most beautiful viewpoints in Verona (in my opinion!).

Lamberti Tower

Torre dei Lamberti is the first on my list simply for the fact that the views really are the best in the city. It is situated just off Piazza delle Erbe, and if you’re short on time in the city, I recommend this as a great place to get a bird’s-eye perspective on the city, as it’s right in the heart of historic Verona.

You can climb the stairs to the first floor (or take the lift for a small supplement), where you’re rewarded with beautiful panoramic views of the city, and on a clear day can see even further afield. From the first floor, there’s also a steel winding staircase to go to a higher viewing platform (only for those with a head for heights!)
Warning – the bells toll during the day and can take you by surprise!

View from Lamberti Tower Verona

Castel San Pietro

Located just out of the city centre, the few hundred steps up to the top of Castel San Pietro is a view worth the work out – the views back across the city are breathtaking.

Start practising with your panorama settings on the camera, as this stop offers sweeping views of the city. Make sure you explore the medieval fortress while you are up there – it’s one of the largest historic buildings in Verona.

The top is a pretty special place to watch the sun set over the city, too.

View from Giusti gardens Verona

Giardino Giusti

The late Renaissance Italian gardens, Giardino Giusti, might not be at the top of your must-see list, as it’s often overshadowed by Shakespeare’s inspiration spots – it should be, though. Located in central Verona, the palace and gardens, belonging to the Giusti family, date back to the 16th century. The gardens offer the perfect backdrop for views across the city, and the photography opportunities in this spot are endless.


Ponte Pietra

The Roman Bridge crossing the Adige River (the main river in Verona) is one of the oldest bridges in the city. Stop as you cross and stand in the centre – the bridge affords lovely views down the river.

On a sunny day, the blue skies make a great photo – make sure you also take a photo of the bridge itself once you reach the other side.

Ponte Scaligero

Ponte Scaligero (or Castel Vecchio Bridge) is located on the banks of the Adige and has a unique view of the river. This 120-metre-long fortified bridge is part of the Castelvecchio, and its fascinating design means you get wonderful photo opportunities of the city through its walls. Again, like Ponte Pietra, make sure you get a photo of the bridge itself, too.


Have you visited Verona? Have you come across any photo-worthy viewing points?