Lights, Camera, Action: Capri vs Ischia


Perfectly placed in the Gulf of Naples, the Italian islands of Capri and Ischia attract thousands of visitors each year, thanks to their gorgeous coastlines, stunning scenery and delicious cuisine.

Both islands are beautiful, but how much do you know about each one? You might think once you’ve seen one you can tick both of your must-visit list – but we think you’d be missing out. Capri and Ischia are just 20 miles apart, but the difference between the two is remarkable. Capri is the smaller of the two islands – it’s perfect for those looking to explore by foot, thanks to its many pedestrianised areas and hiking trails. It’s also the small island with a big following – the rich and famous have been flocking here for decades. As well as the scenery, we reckon they’ve been lured by the fantastic shopping opportunities. Whether it’s designer shops selling the latest trends straight out of Milan, or quintessential handmade gifts from local artisans, you won’t leave empty handed.

When you’ve shopped until you drop, run for the (Ischian) hills. Mount Epomeo, Ischia’s highest peak, is the perfect spot for panoramic views across the Gulf of Naples. Thanks to the island’s larger size, it’s easy to escape the coast and discover the island’s inner beauty. Volcanic Ischia is renowned for its thermal baths, with several thermal parks, gardens and spas to choice from.

Whether you need help deciding which one is right for you or you’re thinking of combining the two islands on your next trip to Italy, check out our Capri and Ischia video, where we look in more detail at the differences between both islands.