James Bond in Italy: 007’s Most Scenic Settings


Along with high-end cars, weird and wonderful gadgets and smooth one-liners, amazing locations are part and parcel of a James Bond film. England’s most famous spy has travelled to more destinations than he’s drunk martinis – and a fair few of those destinations have been in Italy.

To celebrate the arrival of Spectre (in cinemas from 26 October), we’re taking a look at five of the most scenic James Bond filming locations in Italy, and telling you how you can add a little bit of 007 glamour to your trip there.


Rome, Italy Spectre James Bond

The Eternal City plays a starring role in Bond’s new adventure, Spectre. Cast and crew for the new 007 flick were spotted filming around the Tiber River, near the Colosseum and around the streets of Vatican City.

Add a bit of James Bond glamour: La Pergola restaurant at the Rome Cavalieri is one of the best in Italy, with three Michelin stars and some of the best views of the Eternal City. We’d suggest swapping the martini for a bottle of wine – the cellar has an impressive 60,000 bottles.

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Venice Italy - James Bond settings

Venice is a bit of a favourite with 007 – he’s enjoyed time in La Serenissima on three occasions. His first outing was in From Russia with Love back in 1963, where he wooed Tatiana Romanova on a gondola along the Grand Canal. He returned 16 years later in Moonraker, where he once again takes a gondola out onto the Grand Canal – although this time, he’s being chased by assassins in a speedboat. Bond’s last trip to Venice was in Casino Royale, when he and Vesper Lynd moor their yacht up outside the Belmond Cipriani hotel (which you can see in the photo at the top of this post), before Bond battles with the baddies inside a dilapidated palazzo.

Add a bit of James Bond glamour: Take a private water taxi from the airport or train station to your hotel to arrive in style – tuxedo optional.

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Palio in Siena, Italy

Bond journeys to Siena at the start of 2008’s Quantum of Solace, where he chases a member of the secretive Quantum organisation over the rooftops and through the crowds at the famous Palio horse race in the Piazza del Campo.

Add a bit of James Bond glamour: If there’s one thing James Bond loves, it’s a cool car – and in Italy, you don’t get much cooler than a vintage Fiat 500. It’s the perfect mode of transport for exploring the Tuscan countryside, as travel blogger Sarah Lee can attest.

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Dolomites Italy - James Bond

In 1981’s For Your Eyes Only, 007 heads to Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites to track down a Belgian assassin. The action here features an amazing chase scene involving a ski jump, a downhill ski slope and a bobsleigh run.

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Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy - James Bond

Lake Como makes two appearances in Casino Royale. The first is as the hospital where Bond recovers after being tortured by villain Le Chiffre, which was shot at Villa del Balbianello. The second time you’ll spot the lake is right at the end of the film, where Bond surprises the mysterious Mr White at his lakeside villa. This scene was shot at Villa la Gaeta, which sits close to the resorts of San Siro and Menaggio on Lake Como’s western shore.

Add a bit of James Bond glamour: Hire a private speedboat to whisk you across Lake Como’s waters. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has a vintage wooden motor launch which you can hire for a few hours or even the whole day. Add in champagne and strawberries, and you’ve got yourself a James Bond-worthy day out!

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Which are your favourite James Bond film locations?