Incoming: A Sneak Peek of Our 2018 Brochure


It’s that time of year again – we’re getting ready for the launch of our brand-new brochure. We’ve hand-picked a whole range of new destinations, hotels and tours, from foodie cycling trips through Piedmont to sunny Sicilian islands.

Read on for a little taster of where you could be headed in 2018…


Pretty Piedmont vineyards


When it comes to visiting Italy, Piedmont isn’t often the first word on travellers’ lips. But therein lies the charm – this north-westerly region is a cache of little-visited mountain cities and valley villas.

This is where our new cycling and walking tours come into their own, too. They’re designed to get you right to the heart of Piedmont, sipping your way around Barolo vineyards and trying coveted white truffles right in their homeland.

San Marino

Mountaintop San Marino

San Marino is (literally) a law unto itself. The capital of this tiny republic sits high above northern Italy on Mount Titano, where it’s defended itself against invasion for centuries with the help of a trio of fortresses. It’s still a proudly independent microstate, so as well as a border crossing you get perks like duty-free shopping.

Parma and Modena

Italian Parma ham shop

We’ve already got Bologna on our books, but we wanted to complete the set by introducing its equally foodie-friendly neighbours: Parma and Modena.

Parma is known as the birthplace of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese, but did you know it’s also got one of the prettiest city centres in Italy? Then there’s Modena, where balsamic vinegar is more of an art form than a dressing.


Volcanoes and vineyards of Salina island

Fancy staying somewhere a little different? Try the Aeolian Islands off the Sicilian coast. We already go to Lipari and Vulcano, but Salina is the new island on the block. It’s a gentle introduction to the volcanic archipelago, offering a ring of charm-packed fishing villages, salt lagoons and black-sand beaches.

That’s just a taster of our new destinations for 2018. Pre-order a brochure today to get the whole collection delivered straight to your doorstep.