Discover Umbria’s Wine


Umbria is often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Tuscany when it comes to wine making. But this landlocked region actually offers up the perfect foundation for wine making, and produces some fantastic wines in its own right. Here at Citalia, we are all for trying new things – especially when it comes to wines. So here’s our 5-minute guide to Umbria’s tastiest wine, tried and tested…

The whites

Umbria has been producing wine for over 2,000 years, and with almost 60% of that wine being white, it’s pretty important for the region. The majority of white wines produced in Umbria are fruity and (if we do say so ourselves) easy to drink.

Orvieto is one of the biggest wines produced in the whole of Umbria, and is one of our favourites. It features on the majority of menus in Umbria, and is one of the region’s biggest exports. Orvieto is a dry and fruity white wine, and is made up of the region’s main grapes: Trebbiano, Grechetto, Verdello and Caniolo.

Another wine to add to your must-try list is the Grechetto Cantina Novelli, which hails from the Umbrian hilltop town of Montefalco. Made from the Grechetto grape, this wine is a surprisingly good mix of citrus tastes, including grapefruit, lemon, pear and wild herbs.

Assisi Bianco is another Umbrian classic, and is made up almost entirely of the Trebbiano grape.

Team any of the above wines with a light dish such as shellfish and you have the perfect combination.


The reds

Although Umbria is renowned for its white wines, it also produces some tasty reds. A popular choiceis the Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG, which comes from the area around Montefalco (like the Grechetto Cantina Novelli white wine). Using the Sagrantino grape, for the best results the wine is aged for at least 30 months. Due to its richness and earthy flavours, this wine is best enjoyed with hearty dishes containing ingredients such as lamb or game.

Another red, and possibly our favourite of the whole lot, is the Torgiano Rosso Riserva. This wine is mainly made up of Sangiovese grapes, and is taken from the highest elevated vineyards (there must be something scientific in that, making them the best of grapes). It has a delicious raspberry and strawberry twang to it.

If you fancy enjoying these wines with Umbria’s stunning green landscape as a backdrop, you can view our Umbria holidays here and start planning your trip.

Until you take off for your next Italian adventure, head down to your local supermarket for your very own Umbrian wine tasting. We look forward to hearing what your favourite was!