Gino’s Italian Escape – Salerno and Paestum


We are happy to see Gino back in his homeland and on our TV screens with his fifth series of Gino’s Italian Escape. This eight-part series explores Italy’s coast, with the last episode showing him on the island of Elba.

In tonight’s episode, Gino visits Salerno, situated just west of Naples. The vibrant city of Salerno isn’t often on the tourist radar, allowing it to take on a more authentic southern feel. There is the Arechi Castle, dominating the city from the hilltop, and a lovely seaside promenade. What this area is most famous for, however, is water buffalo mozzarella. It’s tastier than any other mozzarella –so much so that it’s actually trademarked.

On Gino’s visit, he gets to experience mozzarella in the making, and has the chance to get hands-on with it – and by that we mean he has to massage the buffalos first. Interesting!

From Salerno, Gino travels inland to Paestum, renowned worldwide as one of the most important archaeological sites in Italy. Paestum is home to three UNESCO-listed 6th-century Greek temples. It is here that Gino, surrounded by the mountains and ruins, with views overlooking the sea, learns how to make traditional fusilli pasta. What a setting.

This area of Italy’s south is home to cascading cliffside villages, charming ports and many ancient ruins. There are many ways to walk in Gino’s footsteps and enjoy this stunning part of Italy. Many say Sorrento is at the heart of this coastline, as it often acts as a hub to explore the surrounding area. Sorrento is just an hour’s drive from Salerno and all that delicious mozzarella. The remarkable temples of Paestum can be reached in a two-hour car journey.

Take a look at our Sorrento hotel options to get you right at the heart of it all. We have made exploring even easier too, with the option of a Paestum and Salerno combined excursion or just a Paestum excursion.

Tune in next week to see what mouth-watering Italian treats Gino has for us.