How to Design Your Dream Holiday to Italy


Italy. It’s an incredible country with some of the world’s most exciting cities, most beautiful scenery and most delicious cuisine. But where do you start when it comes to planning that dream holiday? There’s so much to think about, so many destinations to consider, and so many logistics to work out. Luckily, we’ve got something up our sleeve that’ll make things a little easier – and a lot more fun.

Citalia's design multi-centre planner

Our new holiday builder is an online tool that you can use to create your ideal multi-centre itinerary, whether that’s a tour of the big cities or a self-drive around Sicily. Intrigued? Read on for our guide to planning your perfect holiday to Italy…

Narrow down your destinations

Start off by choosing your destinations – surely one of the best parts about planning your dream trip to Italy! Do you want to see the cities but then relax on the beaches? Would you like to see Italy’s famous lakes or explore its picture-perfect countryside? Of course, you could do all that and more – it’s your holiday, so you can make it as action-packed as you like.

Multi-centre builder Florence

Clicking on a destination name in the holiday builder will open up a window with an introduction to the destination, as well as details of any attractions that we love there (ideal for sightseeing inspiration).

Don’t worry if you’re not completely sure where you want to go. Once you select your first choice on our holiday builder, we’ll recommend the places we think go best with your selection to give you a little help. You’ll also see a list of suggested itineraries at the bottom of the page based on what you’ve picked, which might give you a bit more inspiration.

Choose a route that makes sense

As you add destinations, they’ll pop up on your holiday map – handy for seeing if you’ve planned the most logical route. If you’re not sure how easy it will be to get from place to place, don’t worry; once you ping your plans through to our team, they’ll let you know all the finer details (and if they think it’ll make more sense to do things in a different order, they’ll let you know).

Pick your hotels

Italy holiday builder choose hotel

Once you’re happy with your stops, you can flick through our collection of hotels in each destination and pick the ones you like the look of. If it’s a special-occasion holiday, you might like to take a look at some of our luxury collection hotels – five-star properties with real wow factor. You’ll see the length of time we recommend staying in each place, but you can easily change this on the drop-down menu if you fancy a shorter or longer stay.

Work out when you want to go

When to go is a big factor when you’re planning your trip to Italy. A lot of the beach resorts will pretty much close down over the winter, but if you’re looking at city destinations, these months are actually a great time to visit (read our 10 reasons to visit Rome in winter for a case in point). Spring and autumn are ideal, as you’re likely to have warm but not sweltering weather, while summer is perfect for beach destinations or the lakes.

When you’re selecting the dates on the holiday builder, you can be as specific as you like – choose the exact departure date if you have a set time frame, or select the whole month if you’re more flexible (it’ll help us find the best price for you).

Decide who you want to go with

You’ll probably already know this, but you’ll need to let us know how many of you will be coming on the trip – and how many rooms you’ll need. If there’s three of you, for example, or you’re travelling with older children, you might want to think about whether or not you’re happy to all share a room or if you’d like two separate rooms to give yourselves a bit more space.

Finalise your itinerary

italy holiday builder

Once you’re all done, fill in your details (and an idea of your budget, if you like), click ‘Send your holiday plans’ and your itinerary will whizz over to our team. They’ll get started putting everything together for you and will call you back with an estimated price for the holiday. This isn’t final by any means – we can still change hotels, durations, even routes, until you’re completely happy with the final plans and cost.

That’s it!

You’ve designed your dream holiday, everything’s booked – now all you need to do is charge your camera, pack your suitcase and get ready to hit Italy! Before you go, why not download our Italian podcast to your phone, so you can practise your ciaos, grazies and per favores on the plane?


Ready to begin planning? Get started now with our Italy holiday planner.